2021 WIlderness Retreat for

Mothers & Children

11th Annual Retreat

August 18 - 22, 2021

Ekone RancH

This retreat is a soul-centric, wilderness retreat that offers a unique braid of programming. One strand is the Mother’s program, guided by Gigi and Kassey, informed by nature-based exploration in conversation with the wild world, Council and Mirroring practices and Womxn's Ways of Knowing & Ceremony.

The children's program is a second strand, which provides an immersion into nature and stoking their sense of wonder, wildness and play. The children are guided by skillful and soulful adults that come from various backgrounds.

The center and interlacing strand is the depth and beauty of community that we all co-create through the week together.


This wilderness retreat will include some mysterious variation of the following: Diving into Deep Heart Space Individually and as a Community, Sacred Time on Sacred Land, Mother’s Council, Planned & Spontaneous Ritual, Children’s Exploration, Play & Learning, Nourishing the Mother & Child Bond, Community Meals, Horseback Riding (additional cost to Ekone), Camping, Delicious Food made with Love by Ekone Staff in the Yummy Tummy, Evening Campfire & Songs, Vast Night Skies, and More...

**For 2021, We will be holding a more spacious container that supports moving slowly, play, council, connection and depth within community.**


General Schedule:

8:00am Breakfast

Fun, Connection, Council, Wanders, Community, Play

1:00pm  Lunch

Fun, Connection, Council, Wanders, Community, Play

5:30pm Dinner

7:30pm Campfire, Singing, Storytelling

8:30pm Sleeping under the Stars!